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The 103 + 2 leather saddlebags are the original Leatherworks saddlebags and due to popular demand we have now made them 2" longer to fit the larger bikes. They were designed to replicate the pony express mailbags. They have quick release clips behind the roller bar buckles.  These bags are  made as a bolt on with Easy Brackets. The 103+2 leather saddlebags were designed specifically for the Indian Scout and will work great on other medium size to large bikes. Bag size is  12" x 15" x 5" (H" x L" x D")    Please check the fitment guide before ordering.  The left side bag bottom front was sewn unevenly and when the bag was completed looked slightly warped.  There other side is new and without defects.  This in no way will affect the integrity of the bag.  

103BO + 2 Left bag is slightly off size.

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