The 97 leather windshield bag is designed to attach to the center bolt on the windshield.  It opens with a turn fastener for easy access to the small items such a cell phone, keys, money or camera. It is designed to attach to the center bolt on the windshield.  For motorcycles without the center bolt, it can be made without the center bolt bracket and the inside stabilizing bar can be lowered to the mid-point on the windshield bag. Holes that line up with the windshield will need to be drilled to attach the windshield bag to the windshield. The 97 leather windshield bag is customizable to match your Leatherworks saddlebags, solo bags, sissy bar bags and tool bags. 6 ½" x 11" x 3" (H" x L" x D")

97 Large Windshield Bag

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