What are the features of your saddlebags?

Saddlebag Features

What kind of leather is used on the saddlebags?

Black Leather

Brown Leather

How long does it take to get my bag and do you stock anything?

How long does it take to get a custom set of bags?

What is in stock?

My bike is not on your list

Bike not on the list

I want a bag that is not listed as working on my motorcycle

Want a different bag than what is listed for the motorcycle

Why does the box about the motorcycle have to be filled in?

Do you sell half the set or just one bag?

Buying a half set

Is the price of the saddlebags per bag or for both


Can I get expedited shipping?

International Shipping

What is normal shipping time?

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska

Indian Motorcycles

Is the Indian Vintage leather a match to the brown leather on the Scout and Chief

Why are the bags so much more expensive when made with the Indian Vintage leather?

Return Policy

Return Policy

What is your warranty?


I sent an email, when will I hear back?


How do I take care of the bags?

Black leather bag care

Care of colored saddlebags

Attachment Methods

How do saddlebags attach to the motorcycle

What are Quick Mounts and how do they work

Quick Mounts

Do I have to relocate turn signals?

Custom Options

What are the different colors of leather offered?

What are long straps?

What are studs" and conchos?

What are colored studs?

What are rear pockets?

What is fringe?

What is colored piping?

What are the locking options?

What is the hand braid?

What is Basket Weave?

What is the gun holster?

What is the hand carving?

What are overlay bags?

Overlay bags

What is an inlay and how can it be ordered?

What is an inlay

Matching Seats and Saddlebags

What are matching seats and saddlebags?

How are matching seats and saddlebags ordered?

What does it cost?

Can you make custom bags with different measurements or shapes?

Custom Bags