Quick Mounts


We are very sorry to see the great folks behind Easy Brackets leave the industry; we had a long and great relationship with them. We will continue to sell our remaining stock of Easy Brackets. Understanding that these kinds of mounts are very helpful to bikers and their bikes of all styles, we have developed our own line - introducing the QUICK MOUNT motorcycle saddlebag bracket.

Quick Mount Brackets will make your saddlebags attach to your bike in seconds! These mounts attach to the backs of ANY Saddlebags with hard flat backs and make it so your bags can come on or off the bike fast. And when the saddlebags are off the bike the bike looks stock.  

Our Quick Mounts are designed to fit a wide range of motorcycle makes and models, ranging from Harley Davidson to Indian to Triumph to Honda and more. The Quick Mount brackets come with all the hardware you need to make your saddlebags Quick Detachable in just a couple of hours. They attach to the existing holes on the fender so there is No drilling or need for special tools to install the easy-to-use Quick Mounts.


Quick Mounts Parts Kit


The Easy Bracket model was great, but our Quick Mount line improves upon the basic design by making the bend a 7-degree bend instead of 5 degrees. This will help with keeping the saddlebags from swaying back toward the bike and rubbing on swing arms or belt guards or other parts of the bike. And they still sit as close to the bike as before!

Find the correct bracket for your bike Here.              

If the turn signals and license plates are in the way of saddlebag attachment, we also are excited to introduce our Turn Signal Relocation kits for a variety of years and models of Harley Davidson. These kits come complete with everything needed to move the stock turn signals to the rear of the bike and thus make room for larger saddlebags.

Find the correct turn signal kit for your bike Here.

Turn your saddlebags into luggage that you can take into the hotel or office and there is no need to leave your bags on the bike when it is raining. The Quick mounts slip onto the docking hardware in seconds and the Quick Mounts lock securely to the bike.

Plus, you can decide where your saddlebags sit and adjust them to your desired location on the side of the bike.

Quick Mounts are on and off in seconds!

This picture shows the Quick Mounts docking hardware with a rigid  mount backrest.

This picture shows the Quick Mounts docking hardware with a detachable backrest. Note the Quick Mount hardware sits in front of the detachable backrest docking hardware. This is true for all makes and models of detachable backrests on all motorcycles.

These pictures also show what the bike will look like when you are not using your saddlebags and backrest.

Leatherworks 120 saddlebags installed on 2006 Harley Davidson Heritage with a rigid mount backrest.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to change the locks on the Quick Mounts to ensure their integrity over time. This short video shows how it is done.