323C OverStock
323C OverStock

323C OverStock

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The 323C leather solo bag is designed to fit the left side frame of V-Rods®.  It attaches to the frame with provided straps. The passenger foot peg may need to be removed or relocated.  It comes with quick release buckles and a concho.  The bag will work on the VRSCDX Night Rod Special, VRSCAW, 2004-2005 VRSCB and VRSCX and the foot peg is fine in stock location. It works on the 2002-2006 VRSCA, but the foot peg will need to be removed or relocated. It does not work on the VRSCD or VRSCR due to the mid mount controls. It will not work on the Muscle due to dual pipes, but if the pipes have been changed to right side only we do have a different model that will work.  The bag size is 14 | 7" x 11 ½" x 3" (H" x L" x D") 
High Quality
American Made
Since 1976

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