Permanent Mounted Saddlebags

Direct Bolt on is when the saddlebags are permanently mounted to the side of the motorcycle. To accomplish this purchase saddlebag support brackets, which are the U shaped brackets that keep the saddlebags from going into tires and calipers and also keep the bags from flapping around like Dumbo ears.  The saddlebag brackets look like this.

These can be purchased through a dealer or online. We do not sell them.

When we make a bag for permanent mount we leave the handle off the top of the bag and we put a support strap across the back of the bag. The strap looks like this.

To install the bag to the bike, slide the bag up the support bracket so the support bracket is leaning against the back of the bag and the strap is on the back side of the bracket. 

To install the bag on the bike you will need to find longer bolts for the bike, drill holes in the back of the bag where you will mount it to the side of the bike and install the bags. Please use washers against the back of the bag so the bolts do not vibrate the hole larger.