292 Deluxe Leather Windshield Bag
92 Back Side
292 Deluxe Leather Windshield Bag
292 Deluxe Leather Windshield Bag
292 Deluxe Leather Windshield Bag
292 Deluxe Leather Windshield Bag
292 Medium Brown with black accents and amber studs
292 with chrome studs and blue piping

292 Deluxe Leather Windshield Bag

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292 Deluxe Leather Windshield Bag

The 292 leather windshield bag - 10" x 3" x 6" (L" x W" x H") - is designed to attach to the center bolt on the windshield and will fit on just about any bike out there. It closes with a turn fastener for easy access to small items such as a cell phone, keys, money, or camera. It is designed to attach to center bolts inside the windshield. For motorcycles without the center bolt, it can be made without the center bolt bracket and the inside stabilizing bar can be lowered to the mid-point on the windshield bag. Holes that line up with the windshield will need to be drilled to attach the windshield bag to the windshield.

Custom Motorcycle Leather Windshield Bags

Made from 10 oz US-sourced leather, our bags will hold up to years of use on your favorite bike. The 292 leather windshield bag is customizable to match your Leatherworks saddlebags, solo bags, sissy bar bags, and tool bags. Handling our own leather from beginning to end makes it easy for us to customize the process along the way according to what our customers are looking for! 

The Leatherworks Windshield Bag Difference

  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA.
  • High-Quality 10 oz leather means you get a lot more long-term value out of your motorcycle windshield bag.
  • Every single stress point is hand riveted and sewn with industrial strength nylon, making our bags the toughest on the market.
  • Opens with turn fasteners to make access a breeze. 
  • Our Water-resistant treatment helps protect your bag and valuables.

High-Quality American Leather

In addition to being handcrafted right here in the US, all of our leather is produced right here in America as well. All cows are raised in Texas, tanned in Milwaukee, and then finally we use that leather in our Stockton, CA workshop. Fully American. The leather is treated at the tannery to be both UV and water-resistant. This means no fading leather or swelling bags after a rain.

General Windshield Bag Options

Leather Options


  • Black
  • White
  • Tan
  • Distressed Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Indian Vintage
  • Chrome Studs
  • Colored Studs
  • Fringe
  • Colored Piping
  • Hand Braiding
  • Basketweave
  • Hand-carved Leather Designs


The Leatherworks® is your source for custom-made leather motorcycle saddlebags, solo bags, and motorcycle accessories. The Leatherworks American-made leather saddlebags are made to your specifications to work on your Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory, Indian, and Excelsior Henderson.

High Quality
American Made
Since 1976

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